Bibliotheca excellentissima: Composed of the libraries of two persons of great quality Containing an extraordinary collection of books in divinity (particularly the Fathers, both Greek and Latin) history, antiquity, and all manner of philological learning, in Greek, Latin, Italian, French and English, in all volumes, most of them curiously bound. To which is adjoyn'd, an almost compleat set of common and statute law-books... will be sold by auction at Toms Coffee-House,... on Thursday the 6th of December, at three in the afternoon. By John Bullord

Publication Date1694
Extent[4], 12, 20 p.
PublisherCatalogues are distributed gratis by Mr. Nott in the Pall-Mall; Mr. Hargrave at the Kings-Head, over against Furnivals-Inn in Holbourn, booksellers; at Batsons Coffee-house, over and against the Royal Exchange, and at the place of sale


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