The true history of councils enlarged and defended

Publication Date1682
Remainderagainst the deceits of a pretended vindicator of the primitive church, but indeed of the tympanite & tyranny of some prelates many hundred years after ChristĚ With a detection of the false history of Edward Lord Bishop of Corke and Rosse in Ireland. And a specimen of the way by which this generation confuteth their adversaries in several instances. And a preface abbreviating much of Ludolphus's History of Habassta. Written to shew their dangerous errour, who think that a general council, or colledge of bishops, is a supream governour of all the Christian world, with power of universal legislation, judgment and execution, and that Christs laws without their universal laws, are not sufficient for the Churched unity and concord. By Richard Baxter, a lover of truth, love, and peace, and a hater of lying, malignity, and persecution. To which is added by another hand, a defence of a book, entituled, No evidence for Diocesan Churches.
Extent[28], 8, 240 p.
Publisherprinted for Tho. Parkhurst, at the Bible and Three Crowns, at the lower end of Cheapside, near Mercers Chappel



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