A sad and terrible relation of two dreadful earth-quakes

Publication Date1692
Remainderthe one happening in England, especially at London and Cambridge, on the 8th. of September, and the other at Jamaco, in the West-Indies, on the 7th. of July, 1692. With their dreadful effects; but more especially the great damage the latter did at Port-Royal, and in divers other places of Jamaca, to the destruction of many people and buildings; with the destruction of the Swan frigat, by the shaking and opening of the earth, and inundation of water. Also, an account of the defeat of the Frencyh then landed in Jamaca, the destroying their ships and men, &c. Licensed according to order
Extent[2], 14 p.
PublisherPrinted for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, and J. Back

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