The pleasant art of money-catching, newly and fully discover'd

Publication Date1684
RemainderBeing the second and last part of that very useful book, intituled The compleat tradesman. Comprehending the following pleasant and necessary heads, viz. I. How to may debts without money. II. How to get a great estate in a little time. III. How many wayes money may be saved in diet, apparel and recreations, with the pleasant and genteel humours of the money-catchers of this dunning age. IV. The reasons why we should always keep money in our pockets, with the new way how to do it. V. Directions to all tradesmen how they may quickly supply themselves with money enough at all times, when they are in straights and necessities. VI. Directions how to travel all England over without a farthing of money, with a true account of those that have done it. VII. Choice rules, whosoever speedily follows, will certainly thrive, though they went down the wind before. VIII. An account of a strange ship that sails by land as well as by sea, that often ruins our English money-catchers. Lastly, you have the account and character of those persons who will never thrive should they trade to the dayes of Methusalem; with abundance of pleasant as well as useful heads besides, too many to be mention'd in a title-page, composed by N.H. author of The compleat tradesman
Extent[4], 20, 23-46, 49-72, 71-94, 97-120, 119-142 p.
Publisherprinted for J. Dunton over against the Stocks-market


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