A faithful testimony concerning the true worship of God

Publication Date1659
Remainderwhat it is in it self, and who are the true vvorshippers. In opposition to all the false worship in this nation, which is idolatry, which is discovered in its foundation, and in its manifestation, not to be ever commanded of God, or practised by his Apostles and saints; but it is declared to consist chiefly of such things and practises as had their first beginning and ordination in the Church of Rome, whereby the hypocrisie of this generation doth appear, in denying and crying against the papists idolatries, and yet are found in the practise of the same thing in their Church, ministry, and worship, which were first instituted by the Pope's authority. And this is written for a general good to all such as are worshipping in temples made with hands; by E.B
Extent[2], 14 p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate



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