The famous history of the seven champions of Christendome

Publication Date1675
RemainderSt. George of England, St. Dennis of France, St. James of Spain, St. Anthony of Italy, St. Andrew of Scotland, St. Patrick of Ireland, and St. David of Wales. Shewing their honourable battels [sic] by sea and land: their tilts, justs, turnaments, for ladies: their combats with gyants, monsters and dragons: their adventures in forreign nations: their enchantments in the Holy Land, their knight-hoods, prowess, and chivalry, in Europe, Africa, and Asia; with their victories against the enemies of Christ. Also the true manner and places of their deaths, being sere tragedies: and how they came to be called the seven saints of Christendom. The first part.
Extent[368] p.
Publisherprinted by R.W. for T. Basset, J. Wright and R. Chiswell



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