The reign of the whore discovered. And her ruine seen

Publication Date1659
RemainderHer merchants the priests examined, and with the Romish Church (their elder sister) compared and found agreeable in many things. And their market places (which was formerly the papists mass-houses, and are now commonly called churches) searched, ... Some queries also for those people that pay tythes, and priests that receive tythes, to consider and answer. And whereas their cry hath been loud against us the people of God called Quakers, that we are Jesuits, and Jesuitical; in tryal they are found false accusers, ... Also the substance of a dispute which was the 15th. day of the 2d. month, called April, 1659. at the Bridge-House in Southwark, between VVilliam Cooper, VVilliam VVhitaker, Thomas VVoodsworth, VVieles, VVatkins, Cradicut, and others who profess themselves ministers of Christ; and som of the people call'd Quakers; ... VVritten in that which gives to see over all the popish train, and Cains race, to the beginning, before pope, Iesuit, hireling, deceiver, or Cain the mnrtherer [sic] was; that is to say, the light which makes manifest all things, W.S
Extent[2], 38 p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate



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