Paraphrasis Latina, in duo poemata, (quorum alterum a Miltono, alterum a Clievelando Anglice scriptum suit) quibus deploratur mors juvenis præclari & eruditi, D. Edvardi King, qui nave, qua vectabatur, saxo illisa, in Oceano Hybernico submersus est. Autore Gulielmo Hogæo. Two poems, (the one whereof was penn'd by Milton, and the other by Clieveland) upon the death of a worthy and learned young gentleman, Mr. Edward King, who was drown'd in the Irish seas: to which is added a Latin paraphrase on both, which was penn'd by W.H

Publication Date1694
Extent[5], 19 p.
Publisherprinted for the author


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