The advancement of the art of navigation

Publication Date1685
Remainderin two parts. The first, shewing by a new canon of sines, tangents, and secants, how to resolve all cases of right-lined triangles, only by looking into the tables, without any calculation. Particularly applied to all the three kinds of sailing; viz. By the plain-chart. By mercater's chart. By a great circle. And to the art of surveying. The second part. Shewing several observations, for the better ordering the logline, and for the more exact and ready measuring, not only minutes, but seconds of time; with some new experiments for the more constant finding of a ship's way
Extent[4], 124, [124], 22, [4] p.
PublisherPrinted by J. Gain for W. Fisher, at the Postern near Tower-Hill. Tho. Passenger on London-Bridge: and R. Smith under the Royal Exchange in Cornhil




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