The boat-swains art: or The complete boat-swain

Publication Date1677
RemainderWherein is shewed a true proportion for the masting, yarding, and rigging of any ship, whose length, breadth, and depth is known: with rules for the sizes and lengths of all sorts of rigging that belongs to any ship. Also the use of an opening scale, that if the length of the main mast be put upon it with a pair of compasses, you may measure upon the scale the lengths and thickness of all the other masts and yards; and also the sizes, the lengths, and the number of fathoms of every size for the rigging if any ship, without altering the scale. Also here is added a Plain and easie rule for rigging any ship by the length of its own masts and yards. By Henry Bond, teacher of navigation, surveying, and other parts of the mathematickes, near Ratcliff-Cross. The scale is made in brass or wood, by Joseph Hone, on Tower-Wharf
Extent[2], 21, [1], 8 p.
Publisherprinted by W[illiam]. Godbid, for William Fisher, bookseller, at the Postern-Gate near Tower-Hill; and Eliz. Hurlock, at the Rose, at the west end of St. Pauls




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