Scandalum magnatum: or the great trial at Chelmnesford assizes

Publication Date1682
Remainderheld March 6, for the county of Essex, betwixt Henry Bishop of London, plantiff, and Edm. Hickeringill rector of the rectory of All-Saints in Colchester, defendant, faithfully related. Together with the nature of the writ call'd supplicavit, seldom granted against any in these days, more seldom granted against any but common-rogues, and common-barreters, and common-villains; yet granted against Mr. Hickeringill: who was thereupon bound to the good-behaviour, at the court of King's-Bench Westminster, Octab. Pur. xxxiv. R.R. As also the articles sworn against him, by six proctors of Doctors-Commons; the reverend proctors names are like-wise (according to the record in the Crown-Office) particulariz'd. With large observations and reflections upon the whole. Published to prevent false reports
Extent68, 57-58, 77-88, 91-102, 101-108 p.
Publisherprinted for E. Smith at the Elephant and Castle in Cornhil




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