The letter which was sent to the author of the doctrine of passive obedience and jure divino disproved, &c. answered and refuted

Publication Date1689
Remainderwherein is proved, that monarchy was not originally from God. That kings are not by divine appointment, but that all government proceeds from the people. That the obedience required in Scripture, is to the laws of the land, and no otherwise. That resisting of arbitary power is lawful. That the oath of allegiance to the late King James was dissolved before the Prince of Orange (our present King) landed. That upon the non-performance of a oath on one side, the other becomes void, is plainly prov'd from several examples in scripture. That protection is the only cause of allegiance, and that obedience or allegiance is due to the present government is proved from Scripture, law and reason; and those texts of scriptures which relate to government, or monarchy, are explained
Extent[2], 37, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Tho. Harrison at the White Swan over against the West-end of the Royal Exchange in Cornhil



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