The mariners magazine, stor'd with these mathematical arts

Publication Date1684
Remainderthe rudiments of navigation and geometry. The making and use of divers mathematical instruments. The doctrine of triangles, plain and spherical. The art of navigation, by the plain-chart, Mercator's-chart, and the arch of a great circle. The art of surveying, gauging, and measuring. Gunnery and artificial fire-works. The rudiments of astronomy. The art of dialling. Also with tables of logarithms, and tables of the suns declination; of the latitude and longitude, right ascension and declination of the most notable fixed stars; of the latitude and longitude of places; of meridional parts whereunto are annexed, an abridgment of the penalties and forfeitures, by acts of Parliament, relating to the customs, and to navigation. And, a compendium of fortification. By Capt. Samuel Sturmy
Extent[28], 196, [2], 158, [50], 161-174 p., plates
Publisherprinted by J. Playford, for W. Fisher and R. Mount at the Postern-Gate near Tower-Hill; T. Passinger, at the Three Bibles on London-Bridge; R. Smith, at the Bible in the Piazza under the Royal Exchange; and R. Northcot next St. Peter's Alley in Cornhill, and at th Anchor and Mariner on Fish-Street-Hill


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