Practical physick

Publication Date1664
Remainderthe fourth book in three parts. Part I. Of the diseases of the privities of women. Section 1. Of diseases in the privy part. Section 2. ... of the womb. Part II. Of the symptoms in the womb. Section 2. Of the symptoms in the terms. Section 3. Of the symptoms that befal all virgins & woman in their wombs, after they are ripe of age. Section 4. ... conception. Section 5. Of the government of women with child. Section 6. Of the symptoms that happen in childbearing. Section 7. Of the government of women in childbed, and of the diseases that come after travel. Part III. Of womens breasts. Section 1. Of diseases of the breasts. Section 2. Of the symptoms of the breasts. Also a tractate of the cure of infants. Pars 1. Of the diet and government of infants. Section 2. Of diseases and symptoms in children. By Daniel Sennertus, N. Culpeper, and Abdiah Cole, Doctors of Physick. Being part of the Physitians Library
Extent[18], 270 p.
Publisherprinted by Peter Cole, printer and bookseller, at the sign of the printing-press in Cornhill, near the Royal Exchange



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