Bibliotheca Lloydiana, sive Catalogus variorum librorum selectissimę bibliothecę Rev. Doct. viri D. Joan. Lloydii, B.D. Quondam de North mimmes in comitatu de Hertfordshire

Publication Date1683
RemainderAccessit bibliotheca historica, & philologica Honorab. Thomę Raymondi equitis nuperrime? de banco-regio justiciarii; cum plurimis aliis Latinis, Anglicis, Gallicisq; libris. Quorum auctio habebitur Londini apud domum auctionariam ex adverso nigri cygni, in vico vulgo? dicto Ave-Mary-Lane, prope? Ludgate street, tertio die Decembris, 1683. Per Edvardum Millingtonum, bibliopolam
Extent[4], 28, 24, 32, 25-32, 12, 4 p.
PublisherCatalogues are given gratis, at Mr. Nott's at the Queen's-Arms in Pell-Mell; Mr. Wilkinson's, at the Black-Boy in Fleetstreet; Mr. Ranew's, at the King's-Arms in St. Paul's Church-yard, booksellers. At Mr. Bridge's Coffee-house in Popes-Head-Alley, over against the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill; by Mr. H. Gruttenden, at the Theatre in Oxford, and Mr. Francis Hicks, bookseller in Cambridg


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