The advantage of the kingdom of Christ, in the shaking of the kingdoms of the world: or, Providential alterations in their subserviencie to Christ's exaltation

Publication Date1651
RemainderOpened, in a sermon preached to the Parliament, Octob. 24. 1651. a solemn day of thanksgiving for the destruction of the Scots army at Worcester, with sundry other mercies; by John Owen, minister of the Gospel. Tuesday the 28 of Octob. 1651. Ordered by the Parliament, that the thanks of this house be given to M. Owen Dean of Christ-Church in Oxford, for his great pains taken in his sermon preached before the Parliament at Margarets Westminster, on Friday the 24 of October (being a day set apart for publike thanksgiving;) and that he be desired to print his sermon: and that he have the like priviledge in printing the same, as others in like case have usually had: and that the Lord General do give him the thanks of this house, and desire him to print his sermon accordingly. Hen. Scobel, Cler. Parliament
Extent[16] p.
PublisherImprinted at Oxford, Anno 1651 and re-printed at London


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