The famous history of the seven champions of Christendom. The third part. Shewing the valiant acts and renowned atchievements of St. George's three sons, Sir Guy, Sir Alexander, and Sir David. As also the warlike exploits and martial performances of Sir Turpin son to St. Denis of France, Sir Pedro son to St. James of Spain, Sir Orlando son to St. Anthony of Italy, Sir Ewin son to St. Andrew of Scotland, Sir Phelim, son of St. Patrick of Ireland, and Sir Owen son to St. David of Wales. Their strange fights and combats with gyants, monsters, and dragons, their tilts and turnaments in honour of ladies, their battles with the miscreants and tyrants in defence of the Christian religion, and relief of distressed knights and ladies, their punishing of negromancers, and putting to an end their inchantments, with other their knightly prowess and chevalry. As also ho St. George's three sons came all of them to be kings, according as the Fairy Queen had prophesied of them. Licensed, May the 29th. 1685. R. L. S

Publication Date1686
Extent[8], 152 p.
Publisherprinted by J.R. for Benj. Harris at the Anchor and Marriner in Thread-needle





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