The sincere convert

Publication Date1680
Remainderdiscovering the small number of true believers, and the great difficulty of saving conversion. Wherein are excellently and plainly opened these choice and divine principles: viz. 1. That there is a God, and this God is most glorious. 2. That God made man in a blessed estate. 3. Man's misery by his fall. 4. Christ the only redeemer by price. 5. That few are saved, and that with difficulty. 6. That man's perdition is of himself. Whereunto is now added. The saint's jewel, shewing how to apply the promises; and The soul's invitation unto Jesus Christ. By Tho. Sheppard, sometimes of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge
Extent[16], 223, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Robert Horn at the South Entrance of the Royal Exchange



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