The additional narrative of Mr. Miles Prance of Covent-Garden, goldsmith

Publication Date1679
Remainderwho was the discoverer of the murther of Sr. Edmondbury Godfrey· I. Containing a vindication of the said Mr. Prance from the scandalous and false aspersions (cast upon him, on purpose to invalidate his testimony) by the nameless author of a late scandalous libel, entituled, The Compendium, or a short view of the late tryals &c. II. His further discovery of the machinations and attempts of the papal and Jesuitical party, for the introducing their religion into these kingdoms, and for the overthrow of His Majestie's person and government. III. Many historical observations, discovering the progress of the said design, with other material passages relating thereunto. IV. The names of the several colledges beyond the seas, erected for the use of the English nation, whence priests and emissaries are yearly sent over into our land for the seduction of the people, and carrying on their other designs, with an account of the English nunneries also in forreign parts
Extent54, [2] p.
Publisherprinted for Francis Smith, Thomas Basset, John Wright, Richard Chiswel and Samuel Heyrick


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