England's interest: or, Means to promote the consumption of English wooll

Publication Date1689
Remainderto populate the nation and raise the value of lands, and the product of them, by increasing the manufacturers of cloth and stuffs made of English wooll, and silk, and mohair-yarn in this kingdom. Published to prevent misunderstandings, and that right judgment may be given in a matter of so great concern to the nation. Contained in reasons intended to be offered to a Committee of the Honourable House of Commons, who appointed to hear the weavers, against a Bill prohibiting the wear of silks and stuffs for six months of the year. (July the 9th, 1689.) By William James. Licensed and entred according to order
Extent4 p.
Publisherprinted for the author, and are to be sold at his house in Katharine-wheel-Alley without Bishops-gate, next to the steps, within the Brick-Wall, as you go out of Hand-alley, or New Street, into Petticoat-lane


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