The harlot's progress

Publication Date1732
Remainderor, the humours of Drury-Lane. In six cantos. Being the tale of the noted Moll Hackabout, in hudibrastick verse, containing her whole life; which is a key to the six prints lately publish'd by Mr. Hogarth . I. Her coming to Town in the York Waggon; her being betray'd by an old Baud into the Arms of Colonel Ch-s; her early Improvement in the Sweets of Fornication; and some Dialogues, Serious and Comical, between a Country Girl in the Waggon, and a Parson. II. Her living with a Jew; some merry Intrigues in the Jew's House; with Satyric?al Pictures in the Jew's Chamber. III. Her living in a Baudy-House in Drury-Lane; her Extravagance, Company, Baudy-House Equipage, Pictures, and other Drury Decorations; with her being detected by Sir J---n G---n. IV. Her Usage at Tothil-Fields Bridewell; with some merry Adventures of Fops, Pimps, Whores, Bauds, and Panders, who were committed to keep her Company. V. Her Sickness and Death; Disputes between two noted Quacks, Temple-Bar and Bow-Bell Doctors, on the Nature of her Distemper; and her last Will and Testament. VI. Her Burial; the Funeral Pomp of Harlots in Triumph; Six Mutes, Sisters of the Trade; the Parson, a very Wag; the Clerk, a Sly-Boots; and the Undertaker, one of the Family of the Sad Dogs
Publisherprinted for B. Dickinson at Inigo Jones's Head, against Exeter-Exchange in the Strand ; and R. Mountague at the General Post-Office in Great Queen-Street, near Drury-Lane : and sold by J. Brotherton at the Royal-Exchange ; R. Ware in Amen Corner ; A. Dodd near Temple-Bar; J. Brindly in Bond-Street; J Jolliff in St. James's Street; and J. Stagg in Westminster-Hall

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