The present state of Great Britain

Publication Date1707
Remainderunder the auspicious government of Her Most Sacred Majesty Queen Anne. Containing, I. A general description of England, Scotland, and Wales, through their several Cities, Counties, Districts, Principalities, &c. II. Of the Present Genius, Language, Trade, Laws, and Religion of the Britains. III. Of the several Ranks and Orders of Men; the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and Commonalty. With a particlar Account of Precedency, from First Peer, to the Meanest Peasant. Taken from the Authorities of the best Lawyers, both Common and Civil, as well as Antiquaries, Heralds, &c. such as Cambden, Selden, Segar, Ferne, and many others. IV. Of the Present Monarchy of Great Britain; its Greatness and Power; the Sovereign's Prerogative, Dignity, Title, and Arms; Her Court, Forces, and Revenues of the present Princes and Princesses of the Blood Royal, and the Succession to the Crown, as settled by Act of Parliament. V. Of the High-Court of Parliament, Privy-Council, and all Courts of Judicature. With the Newest and most Perfect List of Her Majesty's Officers in church and State, and of the present Parliament and Convocation of Great Britain
Publisherprinted, and sold at the Publishing-Office in Bearbinder-Lane, near Stocks-Market

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