Bibliotheca Maynardiana: sive Catalogus variorum librorum bibliothecŠ selectissimŠ Rev. viri D. Maynard, de Mayfield in comitatu SussexiŠ

Publication Date1687
Remainderquorum auctio habebitur Londini, loco vulgo? dicto Tom's Coffee-house in Popes-head Alley, over against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, June 13. 1687. Per Edvardum Millingtonum, bibliopolam. Catalogues are distributed gratis at the above-named Tom's Coffee-house, and at Amsterdam Coffee-house in Bartholomew-lane, Mr. Collier's at the Bible on London-Bridge, Mr. Wilkinson at the Black-boy in Fleet-street, Mr. Will. Miller's at the Acorn in St. Paul's Church-yard, Mr. Cruttenden at the Theatre in Oxford, and Mr. Hicks in Cambridge, 1687
Extent[2], 24, 49-72 p.


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