A curious collection of original paintings, by the best, ancient and modern masters

Publication Date1691
Remainderparticularly, Brower. ... Verhoven. Will be sold by auction, at the Auction House for Paintings (late Wills Coffee-house) adjoining to the Court of Requests, over against the Painted Chamber, near Westminster-Hall, on Tuesday, May the 19th, at nine in the morning. Note, that those pieces with prizes to them in the catalogue, being of extraordinary value, are not to be put up at less than the prizes there mentioned· By John Bullord
Extent[1], 3, [2] p.
PublisherCatalogues are destributed gratis, at Mr. Manships at the Black-Bull in Cornhil: Mr. Ric. Parkers at the Piazza under the Royal Exchange: at the Marine Coffee-house in Birchin-lane; at Mr. Bullords at the Old black Bear in St. Pauls Church-yard: at Mr. Ropers next to the Devil-Tavern at Temple-bar: at Mr. Notts in the Pall-Mall, booksellers; and at the place of sale. The conditions are as usual


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