A collection of modern English books

Publication Date1693
Remainderconsisting of divinity, morality, history, geography, travels, voyages, poetry, plays, miscellanies, mathematicks, physick, law, &c. To be sold by auction at Batson's Coffee-House, over against the Royal Exchange in Cornhil, on Tuesday the 31st of October, 1693. Begining exactly at three in the afternoon. Conditions of sale. I. He that bids most is the buyer; but if any difference arise, which the company can't decide, the book to be re-exposed. II. The books, for ought we know, are perfect; if any appear otherwise, before they are taken away, the buyer has his choice to take or leave them. III. That every person be obliged to give in his name, and place of abode, paying also five shillings in the pound for what he buyes, and be obliged to take away his books within three days after the sale is ended. Catalogues are distrubuted at Mr. Hargrave's bookseller in Holbourn, Mr. Partridge's at Charing-Cross, at Tom's Coffee-house near Ludgate, and at the place of sale, where the books may be viewed the Friday and Saturday before the sale begins
Extent[2], 22 p.

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