Hemerologium astronomicum: or, A brief description and survey of the year of humane redemption, 1673

Publication Date1673
RemainderUnto which is numbred from [blank] y. The Creation ... Wherein is contained (beside the state of the year) the solar ingresses, various configurations, aspects, conjunctions, and diurnal motion of the planets: also an account of such eclipses that shall happen this year. Together with useful tables, and all other furniture that may conduce to the compleating such a work. Accomodated to the meridian of London, ... Whereunto is added, a short discourse of the nature of directions in nativities, and their effects; from the learned Morinus. By Henry Coley, Philomath
Extent[48] p.
Publisherprinted by John Darby, for the Company of Stationers



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