The true Christian religion again discovered

Publication Date1658
Remainderafter the long and dark night of apostacy, which hath overshadowed the whole world for many ages; and the profession and practise thereof witnessed unto by the Scriptures. And here all may see who it is of all these sects and divers forms of religion in these nations, that are agreeable to the Scriptures in what they professe and practise, and who it is that are not according thereunto; for the line of true judgement is stretched upon all profession, and a true search into, and tryal thereof is made, and hereby it is manifest who it is, and what sort of people, that may justly claim the benefit of the Protectors oath, to be protected thereby in their practises of religion, who hath bound himself to maintain and uphold that Christian religion which is according to the Scriptures, &c. This is written for the goo of this Commonwealth, and the information of all people in it. By a friend to all people, especially them that feares God, and loves righteousness
Extent24 p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate



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