A curious collection of books, in divinity, history, and philology; in Greek, Latin, Italian, French, and English, in all volumes

Publication Date1695
RemainderWill be sold by auction, on Tuesday June 11th, 1695. and the following days, at three in the afternoon, at Tom's coffee house adjoyning to Ludgate. By John Bullord. Conditions of sale. 1. The highest bidder is the buyer, &c. 2 The books for ought we know are perfect; if any apopear otherwise before they be taken away, the buyer has his choice of taking or leaving them 3. That every person give in his name and place of abode, paying also 5s. in the pound for what he shall buy, and be obliged to take them away, and pay the remaining part of the money at the place of sale, within 3 days after it be ended; the buyer also paying porteridge. 4. None to bid less that 6 d. a time, when a book arises above 10 s. Catalogues may be had at Mr. Notts in the Pall-mall; Mr. Ropers at the Black Boy in Fleetstreet; Mr. Richard Parkers on the Piazza under the Royal Exchange, book-sellers, and at the place of sale
Extent24, 10 p.

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