The discovery of a swarme of seperatists, or, a leathersellers sermon

Publication Date1641
RemainderBeing a most true and exact relation of the tumultuous combustion in Fleet-street last Sabboth day being the 29. of Decem. truly describing how Burboon a letherseller had a conventicle of Brownists me at his house that day about the number of an hundred and fifty, who preached there himselfe about five houres in the afternoone. Shewing likewise how they were discovered, and what meanes, as also how the constable scattered their nest, and of the great tumult in the street. With another relation of a sermon, that prophet Hunt preached in St. Pulchers Church the same day aforesaid, making another combustion in the said parish, with a description of that sermon, which he preached in Westminster-hall not long since, with a relation also of that, which he would have preached in the Old Exchange
Extent[8] p.
Publisherprinted for John Greensmith

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