An humble remonstrance

Publication Date1643
Remainderagainst the tax of ship-money lately imposed: laying open the illegality, injustice, abuses, and inconveniences thereof. Written by William Prynne, Esqu. an 1636. during his imprisonment in the Tower of London, to free his countrey from that heavy tax; and then communicated to some speciall friends in writing. Since that printed without his privity, by an imperfect copy, an. 1641. so full of non-sence errors, and mistakes almost in every line, as makes it altogether uselesse, yea ridiculous: but now set out by a true copy, agreeing with the originall; to right the author, and promote the publique good. Together with some briefe observations touching the Great Seale of England. Imprimatur Sept. 1. 1643. John White
Extent[2], 34 p.
Publisherprinted for Michael Sparke senior, at the signe of the Blew-Bible in Greene-Arbour



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