The progress of a harlot. As she is described in six prints, by the ingenious Mr. Hogarth. Containing, I. Her coming to Town. Being met by a Bawd who took her home, and arrested her. II. Her being released by a Jew, who took her into Keeping. III. Her being turned out of Keeping. Her taking Lodgings in Drury-Lane. A Description of the Life led by her, and the rest of the Whores there. IV. Her being sent to Bridewell, The Trick she put on those who committed her. Her being released. Her Adventure with a Parson whom she pawns for the Reckoning. Her Adventure with a Turkey Merchant. The Trick she play'd two French Refugees and their Wives-Her setting up a Punch-House. The Trick she put on a Widow. V. Her contracting the foul Disease. Her being laid in a Salavation and carried to the famous Lock. The Dispute of the Doctors. Her Death. VI. Her Funeral, with the comical Trick that was play'd the Parson and Undertaker. With several other entertaining Particulars to tedious to be inserted here

Publication Date1732
Publisherprinted for E. Rayner, at the Pamphlet-Shop, next the George-Tavern, Charing-Cross

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