The principles of the Muggletonians asserted, under the following heads. I. On the eternity of matter. II. On the Existence of two eternal Beings, on the Angel's Fall, and the Fall of Man. III. On God's eternal Existence in the Form of a Man. IV. That God became a Son, and manifested himself in the Flesh: and the Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity considered. V. That Jesus Christ was God the Creator of the World. VI. When Christ dyed God dyed: Enoch, Moses, and Elias, were taken up into Heaven, and left with deputed Power there, while God was performing the Work of Redemption here on Earth. Vii. Concerning John Reeve's and Lodowick Muggleton's commission, with some Observations thereon

Publication Date1735
Publisherprinted for T. Cox, at the Sign of the Lamb under the Royal Exchange, in Cornhill


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