Monsieur Belloste's Hospital surgeon, as far as it treats of the gout, rheumatism, cholick, dropsy, stone, gravel, and venereal complaints. Dedicated to the King of Sardinia. To which are added Dr. Sydenham's observations on the gout. With proper notes on each. This book is given gratis up one pair of stairs, at the sign of the famous anodyne necklace For Children's Teeth, Fits, Fevers, Convulsions, &c. Over-Against Devreux-Court, Without Temple-Bar, and at Mr. Bradshaw's Stoughton's, & Daffy's Elixir Ware-House, Under the Back Piazza of the Royal Exchange

Publication Date1737
Publisherprinted by J. Hughs, next the Star in Gate-Street, between Great Turnstile, & Lincoln's-Inn-Fields


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