Merlinus democritus; or, The merry-conceited prognosticator

Publication Date1656
Remaindercontaining, a general judgment of the state of Great Brittain, France, and Ireland; and the great change and revolu[t]ion that will happen in the year of our Lord, 1655. Namely, the turning round of the wheel of fortune, and the calculating of every thing in its own proper center, the setting up of heaven vice-gerent, and the administering of truth in the equal scale of justice, the purging of the Commonwealth from caterpillars, the discarding of knaves, and the putting of honest men in their places, the reclaiming of lawyers from taking of fees, and an antidote prescribed for brokers and usurers, to cleer them of their extortionable malady of shaking whole lordships into a consumption. With the great and ominous eclipses that will be this year visible in our horizon, and the effects thereof. By W Liby, student in Astrologie
Extent8 p.
Publisherprinted for G. Horton, and are to be sold at the Royal Exchange



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