A true and full relation of the prosecution, arraignment, tryall, and condemnation of Nathaniel Fiennes

Publication Date1644
Remainderlate colonel and governor of the city and castle of Bristoll, before a councell of war held at Saint Albans during nine dayes space, in December, 1643. Touching his cowardly and traytorly surrendering of this city and castle, with all the canon, ammunition, arms, magazines, prisoners and colours therein to the enemy, in lesse then three whole dayes siege, before any outwork taken, or the least battery or assault against the city or castle walls; to the ineffable losse, danger and prejudice of the whole kingdom. Set forth at the earnest desire of many persons of quality, to vindicate the verity of this much disguised action, prosecution, tryall, sentence, and some subsequent proceedings; together with the honour, the justice of the councell of war, and prosecutors reputations, against all those false glosses, calumnies, aspertions, injuriously cast upon them by Col: Fiennes, or his partizans in sundry printed pamphlets, seconded with publike false reports. And to perpetuate a signall judgement against cowardize and treachery to posterity, not fit to be buried in oblivion; for the benefit of the present and future ages. By William Prynne and Clement Walker, Esqs
Extent[8], 119, [1], 40 p.
Publisherprinted for Michael Sparks [sic] senior, at the signe of the Blew Bible in Green-arbour


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