England's vvarning-piece. Or, the most strange and wonderfull predictions of Cleombrotus a heathen Jew, prophesied in the yeare 1272. upon the raignes of 29. kings of England

Publication Date1661
Remainderfrom Edvvard the I. to Charles the Fifth, 1799. Together with the prophesie of another heathen named Aldura Manasoch, and lately found amoungst antient records in the colledge of Wittenburg in Germany. Interpreted by Doctor Delanorosus of the same colledge, out of the Arabian, Arminian, and Saxon languages, newly translated into English; now publisht and made obvious to the English nation, by a person of quality. Very remarkable to be observed in this present age, and by future generations
Extent[4], 12 p.
Publisherprinted for Francis Coles, dwelling at the signe of the Lambe in the Old-Baily


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