A voyce from the temple

Publication Date1658
RemainderThe word of God, the covenant of light, doth discover and declare the Anabaptist so called, to be in the reprobate state, and one of those many heads and horns of the beast which are sprung out of the beast, since the time of the comming in of th apostacie, when the churches backslided and became apostated, from the true faith. And these have got the true prophets words, but are out of the true prophets life; and these have got Christs words, and the apostles; and for matter of the outward forme, as dipping, and breaking of bread; but are open opposers of the light and spirit by which the apostles were led and guided, and so appeares to the least child of light: not to have the spirit but to be the naturall men, that discerneth not the things of the spirit of God. Written and published to goe abroad in the army among those that are called Anabaptists: by one who despiseth no mans person, but is a witness for God against the deceit of those, which say, they are saints and are not; but doe lye and are manifest to the least child of light, to be the synagogue of Satan: Jonas Dell
Extent[2], 69, 80-96 p.
Publisherprinted for the author, and are to be sold at the Bull and Mouth within Aldersgate: and at the Blacke Spread Eagle at the West end of Pauls


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