A glass of justification, or The vvork of faith with povver

Publication Date1658
RemainderWherein the apostles doctrine touching justification without the deeds of the law, is opened; and the sence in which gospel-obedience, as well as faith, is necessary to justification, is stated. Wherein also th nature of that dead faith is detected, by which multitudes that hope for salvation are (as is to be feared) deceived; and the true nature and distinguishing properties of the faith of Gods elect, is handled. Finally, the doctrine of the imputation of faith for righteousness is herein also briefly discussed; and the great wisdom and folly of men about the proof of their faith, touched. Published on purpose to rectifie some dangerous, and other damning mistakes of men about their faith, and expectation of justification thereby; and to awaken and quicken all to the work of faith with power. B William Allen, a poor servant to the Lord Jesus
Extent[54], 170 p.
Publisherprinted by G. Dawson, for Francis Smith, and are to be sold at his shop, in Flying Horse Court in Fleetstreet, near Chancery-Lane end



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