A publick discovery of a secret deceit. Or, the man of sin unmasked

Publication Date1656
Remainderhis sheeps-clothing of glorious pretences pulled off; and his wolvish inside set forth in its colours. Where may easily be discerned Satan transformed into the resemblance of an angel of light, in that sect or society commonly called Quakers. Being nineteen quśries, directed to their speakers at the Bull and Mouth neer Aldersgate: and answered by that grand fomenter of heresie, James Nayler. With a reply thereunto, and fourteen queries more returned by him unto me, fully answered: and twenty fou more proposed. By me John Deacon
Extent[8], 60 p.
Publisherprinted for Jer. Hirones, at the sign of the Bottle neer the great North door of Pauls



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