A second vindication of a short treatise of tythes lately written

Publication Date1653
RemainderAnd excepted against by a second printed paper, styled, Tythes totally routed by Magna Charta, &c. Wherein is discuss'd, 1. Whether tythes were not due to the Church in England, before Magna Charta, made in 9 H.3? 2. Whether that Magna Charta cap.1 do not confirm tythes to the church? 3. Whether that there ever was, (or indeed can be made) such an esposition of the 29. chapter of Magna Charta, that payment of tythes should be against the statute? 4. Whether the statute of 1 R.2.ca. 14. were made against parochial tythes
Extent16 p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Heath, and are to be sold at his shop in Russel-street, near the Piazza's of Covent-Garden

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