A faire in Spittle Fields, where all the knick knacks of astrology are exposed to open sale, to all that will see for their love; and buy for their money

Publication Date1652
RemainderWhere, first Mr. William Lilley presents you with his pack, wherein he hath to sell. 1. The introduction, 2. Nativities caluclated, 3. The great ephimeredies, 4. Monarchy, or no monarchy 5. The caracture of K. Charles, 6. Annus Tenebrosus. Second, Nicholas Culpeper, brings under his veluet jacket. 1. His chalinges against the docttors [sic] of phuisick, [sic] 2. A pocket medicine, 3. An almanack, & conjuring circle, Third Mr. Bowker unlocked his pack, wherein is, 1. The 12. signes of the zodiack 2. The 12. houses, 3. The 7. planets, 4. The yeares predictions, and the starry globe
Extent8 p.
PublisherWritten by J.B. Gent. and printed by J.C. in the yeare

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