Truths victory over tyrants and tyranny

Publication Date1649
RemainderBeing the tryall of that worthy assertor of his countreys freedoms, Lieftenant [sic] Colonell John Lilburne, defender of the ancient and known laws of England, against men and devills, whether in King, Parliament, Army, or Councell of State. Guild-hall London, Octob. 26. Freed in open court, from his unjust and illegall charge of high-treason, and cruell imprisonment in the Tower, by the unbyassed and just verdict of this jewry, whose names are here inserted; Miles Pettit, Holburn-Condu. Stephen Iles, Friday-street. Abraham Smith, Smithfield. John King Smithfield. Nicholas Murrin, Gosling-str. Thomas Daintie, Cheapside. Edmund Keysar, Holb-bridge Edward Perkins Smithfield. Ralph Packman, Smithfield. William Cummins, Cheap. Symon Weeden, Bredstr. Henry Tooley, Bredstreet. All good men and true
Extent28 p.
PublisherPrinted in the fall of tyranny


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