A brief discourse made by Capt. Robert Norwood on Wednesday last, the 28 of January, 1651. in the Upper-Bench-Court at Westminster: with some arguments by him then given, in defence of himself, and prosecution of his writ of errour by him brought upon an indictment found an adjudged against him upon the act against blasphemy, at the sessions in the Old-Bayly, London, in August last. Some small addition, by way of illustration, is made, to what was then delivered; but nothing as to the substance of the matter. He is to appear again in the same court on Wednesday next in the morning, being the 3 of February; where also one M. Tany, who was joyned in the same indictment and judgement, having not yet made his defence, is to appear, and make his defence also. The arguments may deserve some consideration: the strength and weight of them I submit to the judgement of all, and the whole matter to the inspection of the sage and judicious

Publication Date1652
Extent[2], 6 p.
LocationImprinted at London


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