Pro and con: being an impartial abstract of the principal publications

Publication Date1800
Remainderon the subject of a legislative union, between Great Britain and Ireland; in which the arguments for and against that measure, by the following writers, are fairly contrasted; viz. Earl of Clare, Lord Auckland, Lord Minto, RT. Hon. MR. Addington, RT. Hon. MR. Pitt, RT. Hon. MR. Dundas, RT. Hon. MR. Douglas, Dean Tucker, MR. WM. Smith, DR. Clarke, MR. Peele, DR. M'kenna, Earl Of Farnham, RT. Hon. MR. Foster, Sir J. W. Jervis, BT. MR. Spencer, MR. Bousfield, MR. Edgeworth, MR. Rudd, MR. Goold, MR. Taaffe, MR. Weld, MR. Sheery, DR. Drennan: Also, arguments for and against, &c. - Cease your funning, - Impartial view of the causes leading to, &c. - Tit for tat, - and many other anonymous writers on this subject. By a searcher after truth
Publisherprinted and sold by Marchbank , 18, Chancery-Lane




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