Natures secrets. Or, The admirable and wonderfull history of the generation of meteors

Publication Date1658
RemainderParticularly describing, the temperatures and qualities of the four elements, the heights, magnitudes, and influences of the fixt and wandring stars: the efficient and finall causes of comets, earthquakes, deluges, epidemicall diseases, and prodigies of precedent times; registred by the students of nature. Their conjecturall presages of the weather, from the planets mutuall aspects, and sublunary bodies: with the proportions and observations on the weather-glass, with philosophicall paraphrases rendred explicitely, usefull at sea and land. By the industry and observations of Thomas Willsford, Gent
Extent[16], 199, [9] p.
Publisherprinted for Nath. Brook at the Angel in Cornhill



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