The subjection of all traytors, rebels, as well peers, as commons in Ireland, to the laws, statutes, and trials by juries of good and lawfull men of England, in the Kings Bench at Westminster, for treasons perpetuated by them in Ireland, or any foreign country out of the realm of England

Publication Date1658
RemainderBeing an argument at law made in the Court of Kings Bench, Hil. 20 Caroli Regis, in the case of Connor Magwire, an Irish baron ... fully proving; that Irish peers, as well as commons may be lawfully tried in this court in England, by the statute of 35 H.8.c.2. for treasons committed by them in Ireland, by a Middlesex jury, and outed of a trial by Irish peers: which was accordingly adjudged, and he thereupon tried, condemned, executed as a traytor: ... By William Prynne Esq; a bencher of Lincolnes Inne
Extent[20], 72 p.
Publisherprinted by J. Leach for the author



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