A new discovery of free-state tyranny

Publication Date1655
Remaindercontaining, four letters, together with a subsequent remonstrance of several grievances and demand of common right, by William Prynne Esquire; written and sent by him to Mr. John Bradshaw and his associates at White-Hall (stiling themselves, the Councel of State) after their two years and three months close imprisonment of him, under soldiers, in the remote castles of Dunster and Taunton (in Somersetshire) and Pendennis in Cornwall; before, yea without any legal accusation, examination, inditement, triall, conviction, or objection of any particular crime against him; or since declared to him; notwithstanding his many former and late demands made to them, to know his offence and accusers. Published by the author, for his own vindication; the peoples common liberty and information; and his imprisoners just convictio of their tyranny, cruelty, iniquity, towards him, under their misnamed free-state
Extent[16], 43, [1]; 80, 73-79, [1] p., plate
Publisherprinted for the author, and are to be sold by Edward Thomas in Green Arbour


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