New improvements in the art of midwifery

Publication Date1724
RemainderShewing, I. The true causes of the most difficult births, the great Abuse and Prejudice of forcing Pains by Medicines; and the best Method of delivering Women, in such Cases, by the Hand only, without the Use of any Instrument whatsoever. II. The Midwives Touchstone, and Shield of Defence; or the certain Marks of knowing when a Woman is Qualified for this Profession. III. The Necessity of Inspecting the Bodies of such Women as Die in Childbed before Delivery, to discover whether the Loss of the Mother and Infant be owing to the Negligence or Ignorance of the Midwife. IV. A detection of many errors daily committed in the practice of midwifery, with several remarkable Cases; and a faithful Admonition to all Husbands, who have any regard to the saving of the Lives of their Wives and Children. Translated from the Latin original of Henry a? Deventer, M.D.
Publisherprinted for T. Warner, at the Black-Boy in Pater-Noster-Row




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