The soveraigne povver of parliaments and kingdomes

Publication Date1643
Remainderdivided into foure parts· Together with an appendix: wherein the superiority of our owne, and most other foraine parliaments, states, kingdomes, magistrates, (collectively considered,) over and above their lawfull emperours, kings, princes, is abundantly evidenced, confirmed by pregnant reasons, resolutions, precedents, histories, authorities of all sorts; the contrary objections re-felled: the treachery and disloyalty of papists to their soveraignes, with their present plots to extirpate the Protestant religion demonstrated; and all materiall objections, calumnies, of the King, his counsell, royallists, malignants, delinquents, papists, against the present Parliaments proceedings, (pretended to be exceeding derogatory to the Kings supremacy, and subjects liberty) satisfactorily answered, refuted dissipated in all particulars. By William Prynne, utter-barrester, of Lincolnes Inne. It is this second day of August, 1643. ordered ... that this booke ... be printed by Michael Sparke senior. John White.
Extent[8]; [4], 56, [1], 78-112; [2], 38 p., 39-40 leaves, 41-87, [1]; [8], 144, 143-150; [4], 36, 112, 121-218, [2] p.
LocationPrinted at London
Publisherfor Michael Sparke Senior


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