A new method of physick: or, A short view of Paracelsus and Galen's practice

Publication Date1654
Remainderin 3. treatises. I. Opening the nature of physick and alchymy. II. Shewing what things are requisite to a physitian and alchymist. III. Containing an harmonical systeme of physick. Written in Latin by Simeon Partlicius, phylosopher, and physitian in Germany. Translated into English by Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. student in physick and astrologie, dwelling on the east-side of Spittle-fields, neer London
Extent[20], 191, 392-548 p.
Publisherprinted by Peter Cole in Leaden-Hall, and are to be sold at his shop at the sign of the Printing-press in Cornhil neer the Royal Exchange: and by S. Howes, J. Garfield, and R. Westbrook


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